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A Critical Care Nurse Continuing the Legacy


A Critical Care Nurse Continuing the Legacy


A Critical Care Nurse Continuing the Legacy

David Diep

Clinical Nurse I - ED

I knew I wanted a career in Health Care when I graduated from UC Davis, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I decided to explore my interests by volunteering at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC).What a great decision this turned out to be for me!

    As a volunteer at SCVMC, I interacted with and served many different people at the information desk, the Farmer’s Market, and in Employee Health. During my rotation at Employee Health, I realized my future would be in nursing as this profession would allow me to provide compassionate care to others. The staff at Employee Health were so supportive of me and my decision to pursue nursing, that they hosted a party for me on my last day. I was very fortunate to receive the Outstanding Volunteer Scholarship from the SCVMC Auxiliary as it offset tuition for nursing school.

    After acquiring my RN license, I returned to SCVMC as an Extra Help Nurse in Employee Health. My return was like a homecoming as all of my previous volunteer and nursing colleagues were so welcoming and happy to see me. When an opportunity in Emergency Department came up, I applied as I really wanted to work in the acute care setting.

    I am now attending a 14-week training program in the Emergency Department at SCVMC. Everyone is great in the ED. Preceptors work closely with me during my orientation and training. I believe the ED staff wants me to succeed in my new role.

    What makes SCVMC a great place for nurses to work? For me, it is the variety of people we serve. If you can take of the patients here, you are capable of taking care of the patients anywhere.​

    April Grady

    Nurse Coordinator
    Maternal Infant Care Center (MICC)

    ​I have been working as a nurse at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) for almost five years, first in NICU and now as Nurse Coordinator in MICC. I actually did my preceptorship in the NICU at SCVMC and fell in love with it before the end of my first shift!  

      ​What I love about working at SCVMC is our commitment to our patients and teamwork. Everyone comes together all the time, especially now that we are working to become recognized as a “Baby Friendly” hospital, by the World Health Organization in 2018. All of my team members are excited and jumping right into making sure our policies and practices will exceed the standards that are required to achieve this special designation.

      I am very thankful for my awesome team members, nurse preceptors, mentors, and managers.  They have been instrumental in, and supportive of my professional growth as nurse. They taught me so much and helped me achieve my goal of becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2015. SCVMC supports nursing education, helps people finding the right path, and encourages everyone to pursue opportunities for professional development and growth.

      I am proud to work at SCVMC, because we serve everyone. I had the privilege to go to school to become a nurse, so now I want to utilize my knowledge and help others which is what SCVMS allows you to do. Many nurses at SCVMC share this commitment and determination to serve all.

      Mark Block

      Nurse Coordinator
      Valley Homeless Healthcare Program (VHHP)

      ​While at SCVMC, I have worked on two incredible teams; one on Med-Surg (in the hospital) and one focused on community health, Valley Homeless Healthcare Program (VHHP). Working on our Medical-Surgical Unit...

        While at SCVMC, I have worked on two incredible teams; one on Med-Surg (in the hospital) and one focused on community health, Valley Homeless Healthcare Program (VHHP).

        Working on our Medical-Surgical Unit was a very valuable experience. It was a wonderful place to gain experience. While there, I built a strong foundation in nursing because I provided care for many different people with different health needs and issues. I had the opportunity to learn and develop my skills and abilities deal with different challenges all the time. I was well trained as a started my career here, but found I didn’t have to know everything on my first day of work, because there was good orientation and training program to help me learn and grow over time.

        At VHHP, we have a team-based culture - it is about working together for our patients. We have bright, positive, compassionate, and young-minded care team at VHHP. I appreciate how committed and passionate these people are. We are committed to a long-term goal to improve the health of individuals who are experiencing homeless and need healthcare to help them improve their quality of life and future. I appreciate that the leaders and staff in Santa Clara County work hard to make sure we can provide this essential resource to every member in our community. We feel supported by the county with the philosophy of serving anyone who needs help.

        You can go so many different directions as a nurse, consider SCVMC because it offers a lot of different opportunities. As nurse at SCVMC, we are well compensated, have good benefits, respected, empowered and are fortunate to be able to share our passion for caring with other members of our team who are also very committed to improving the health of everyone.


        Nurse Practitioner
        Valley Homeless Healthcare Program

        ​I feel loved by my team and we care about each other. It is a happy work environment every day. When your team works well, patients can see it and feel it. Valley supports us to save life, improve people's life and give them dignity...

          Valley (Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) has been my second home for the past 26 years. Since I started working here, I got married and raised all my children; my colleagues have seen my kids grow up over these past years. My oldest son is now 24 years old. I started out as nurse's aide, trained and studied to become a registered nurse, received additional education and training to become a nurse practitioner. I recently went back to school again and received my doctoral of nursing degree. I have stayed all of these years because of my great team members and managers. This has been such a great place to work, I never even considered leaving.

          Every position and place I have worked at VMC has been valuable to my nursing career. I worked in Med Surg for 7 years. Then I went into the Black Infant Health program. I believe everyone deserves to have their basic needs met. I am committed to making sure my patients get what they need. My experience as a nurse at VMC has helped me to be authentic, genuine, compassionate and respectful. I make sure my patients and families see who I am. This helps me build rapport and trust with clients. People deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, whether they are rich or poor. Patient experience is very important. If your patients don’t feel welcomed, they won’t come to see you for their healthcare.

          I love the nurses I work with and I love the system at Valley. Everyone needs to have an opportunity to work with an amazing team like the one at Valley Homeless Healthcare Program. We all value and support each other. My medical director, Sara Cody, is amazing person, clinician and teacher. She mentors, guides and gives me opportunities to learn and grow. My fellow nurse colleague, Mark Block, helped me start our team and has remained a dedicated member of our care team for many years. My ideas are listened to and I never felt neglected. I am the lead of the backpack team at VMC. This is a special program that allows health care professionals to bring healthcare to people in our community, including the homeless. Our program has grown from 1 member to a team of over 60 people. It is an integrated program where we work with psychiatrics, psychologists, nurses, medical assistants, people who register the patient for care, and a specially trained health outreach worker. I feel loved by my team. We genuinely care about each other. It is a happy work environment every day. When your team works well, patients can see it and feel it. Valley supports our work to improve and sometimes save people's lives and give them dignity.

          To the professionals out there, I encourage you to visit our health system to fully appreciate the high quality of care we deliver and our compassion for every patient, and their family. We are innovative, use leading edge technology, and are pioneers in the development of best practices for our profession. We are very good at what we do and feel very good about our collective and organization wide mission to ensure everyone’s health needs are met. VMC could be a healthcare home for you. Sometimes people chose to take the job that pays the best salary. Valley Medical Center pays well, but my colleagues aren’t here because of the money. They are here to serve others. Valley Medical Center is for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives. If you have a passion for taking care of those who are underserved, poor or marginalized, Valley Medical Center offers that opportunity and so much more. I go home from work feeling good about my efforts to positively impact the lives of the patients and families in our community. You affected someone’s life, not by the medicine you gave them, but by the way you listen and care for them. My work at Valley Medical Center allows me to provide high quality care to all patients who need it; making their lives better with kindness, respect, compassion, and value for human dignity


          Director of Quality & Safety

          I stayed all these years, because of our staff and providers, and their huge commitment​. Nurse here work very hard, they really care about our patients. Nursing is about people, we touch lives every single day...

            I became a registered nurse in 1971. It’s been a long time. When I first joined SCVMC, I told myself I’m going to work at SCVMC for 2 years, that was 22 years ago! During my career at SCVMC, I’ve been able to move around and experience new opportunities. That’s one of the great things about being at SCVMC. You may start in one department, one unit or one clinic, but there are a lot of opportunities for people to move around, to grow and try different roles. We are so big and it’s something that a lot of other hospitals and health systems can offer. I came here because I wanted to serve and make a difference in the health and lives of others, regardless of their socioeconomic status. SCVMC nurses impact our organization and community by the work we do. I stayed all these years, because of our staff and providers, and their huge commitment. Nurse here work very hard, they really care about our patients. Nursing is about people, we touch lives every single day.