CICARE Communication Program

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CICare is an evidenced-based customer service model with a standardized process for interactions with patients, families, colleagues, and others. It is a communication tool, developed by UCLA Health System and used by Stanford Health. It has been proven to promote positive interactions from beginning to end.

CICare stands for:

  • Connect with courtesy at the start of every contact.
  • Introduce yourself and your role with integrity.
  • Communicate with care what you are going to do and why.
  • Ask questions and for permission with respect before acting.
  • Respond with empathy to all questions and concerns.
  • Exit with excellence and check experience for satisfaction.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Clinics, O’Connor Hospital and St. Louise Regional Hospital has chosen the CICare model to standardize the way in which we interact with others. It also provides tools to become more effective and consistent at modeling the positive behaviors of ALWAYS delivering EXCELLENT patient experience.

With many recent changes in healthcare, patients have a choice of where they want to receive their care.  That’s why we need to be consistent in providing EXCELLENT care and being the BEST at what we do in our various roles in the organization.  It is important for us to ALWAYS remember that our patients have options when it comes to their healthcare – and we want and need them to continue to choose Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital and St. Louise Regional Hospital as their provider of choice.

The launch of CICARE training for all employees kicked off in August 2015 and it continues today. It is also a permanent part of our New Employee Orientation program and General Nursing Orientation.  On September 2016, CICARE E-Learning training was launched and is now a mandatory annual requirement training for all staff.