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SCVMC Internal Medicine Residents

The Department of Medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has been training physicians in internal medicine for more than fifty years. During this time, it has established a reputation as a superior clinical training program which prepares physicians for careers in general internal medicine (primary care and hospitalist), subspecialty medicine, research, and academic medicine. Our Vision Statement encompasses our values of education, service and support:

"We are dedicated to empowering residents and faculty through education, mentorship and the promotion of innovative leadership"

Charles Chu Portrait

Valley drew me with its charm. As a county program, we take care of some of the sickest patients from all walks a life with a mission to provide high quality care while being conscientious of our resources. At Valley, we experience disease and pathology intertwined with vast amounts of social, cultural, and economic factors. Here you truly experience that medicine is not about treating a disease but about treating a person. I find this setting to present a truly unique opportunity—to meet patients where they are and to tailor medicine for their unique situation. Through this, you often enter an area that extends beyond the boundaries of evidence—an area to foster and develop clinical judgment​ and to learn what it means to be a physician. What fulfills me is the culture that this charm is built on-- a culture that thrives on camaraderie, high quality care, and high academic standards with a mission to provide care to all patients regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, gender, or culture. We are not just an academic institution-- we are an academic institution at the forefront of delivering care to those who need it most. I am truly humbled and privileged to be here and inspired by all the staff who continue to care for such a high-risk population.

Charles Chu, MD
SCVMC class of 2019

SCVMC Graduation 2018 Photo Roll

Jessica Liu Portrait

It's a privilege to train at Valley, where our incredibly diverse patients teach us daily about the wide-ranging medical pathology that exists here in our community, often with unusual presentations and challenging social situations -- all of which shape me to become a culturally-sensitive doctor who knows medicine inside and out, and can serve as an advocate on our patients' behalf. Furthermore, with our partnership with Stanford's Johnson & Johnson Global Health Program, I'm provided with the amazing opportunity to take my clinical skills abroad in working towards improving the health of underserved communities abroad.

Jessica Liu, MD
UC Davis 
SCVMC class of 2018

Belal Hakim and Eric Lau Graduation 2017

Belal Hakim, MD and Eric Lau, DO at graduation 2017

Hedieh Matinrad Portrait

I would describe Valley as a place of love and compassion. My co-interns and co-residents treat each other with love, and support one another. Every patient we meet, from truly the most vulnerable, and systematically disadvantaged populations may it be folks who are undocumented, homeless, recent refugees or immigrants and so much more, we treat with compassion. And our attendings teach us how to be excellent clinicians, patiently and compassionately- may it be while teaching how to place a central line, or while clinical reasoning of extremely complicated cases. Lastly, the culture if togetherness with the united goal of serving underserved patients shines at VMC, from our program leadership, to staff! Valley is a place to thrive, knowing that it takes a village to get one through residency, and that the village is there for you. 

Hedieh Matinrad, MD
SCMVC class of 2020​

VMC Group Photo

VMC Docs Rock!

Anabel Ortiz Portrait

One of the reasons I chose to come to VMC is to have the opportunity to serve the most vulnerable patients in Santa Clara County. As a safety-net hospital, we treat all patients that come through the door and never refuse to treat regardless of ability to pay. We are a busy county program and are provided with enough autonomy to feel prepared as clinicians as we transition each year through the program. The best part of matching at VMC is getting to know and work with a diverse group of co-residents which makes coming in to work fun and exciting.

Anabel Ortiz, MD
University of Washington
SCVMC class of 2019​

VMC Spicy Noodle Challenge Group Photo

The Orange Medicine team representing at the VMC spicy noodle challenge. Left to right: Geisel Medical student Erdong Chen (and winner of the noodle challenge!), Kellie Young, MD and David Jacobson MD​

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