Family Practice Obstetrics Fellowship

Our postgraduate FP Fellowship program is intended for Family Practice residency graduates who seek further training in Obstetrics and Women’s Health. For many years, Family Practice residents have rotated through our department, fulfilling OB electives during their Family Practice residency. These and other F.P. physicians urged us to offer a postgraduate fellowship for F.P. physicians. Our program for OB Fellows was created more than 25 years ago and has been very successful. Family Practice graduates who plan to teach or practice Obstetrics will be especially interested in our program. We offer a comprehensive 12-month experience in a major High Risk Obstetrics referral center with approximately 3000 deliveries annually. Family Practice physicians have major active participation in the labor and delivery suite, antepartum, postpartum, and outpatient clinical areas. Direct training and supervision of F.P.'s in our OB/GYN department is provided by four full-time staff Perinatologists and a large, experienced OB/GYN Generalist faculty. This excellent program features a high volume, tertiary care, high-risk referral and maternal transport service in an active, acute care, county-operated hospital. Fellows of the program have opportunity as both the primary surgeon and as surgical first assistants in cesarean section. F.P. Fellows regularly participate in high risk OB clinic and there are opportunities to enhance Obstetrical ultrasound skills both on Labor and Delivery and in our Maternal-Fetal Medicine ultrasound center. F.P. Fellows can also participate in our OB Diabetes Clinic to learn management of diabetes in pregnancy. F.P. Fellows have their own continuity clinic to keep up their family medicine skills. Additional opportunities for Family Planning, General Gynecology and Menopause services are available.

​Salary & Benefits

Meal allowance 

Each house staff receives a meal allowance for the Valley Medical Center Cafeteria.


$85,000 for the 2020-2021 academic year.  


Annual paid vacation leave is 3 weeks per year.

Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance

These are provided.

How to apply

Training positions for post-residency family medicine physicians are available every year. Two positions open each summer. Apply during the prior year prior to August 31.

To apply, please contact:

Nicole Losik-Aguilar
Fellowship Coordinator​​

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (408) 885-5554​​​