OB/GYN Residents Group Picture


2022-2023 OB/GYN Residents


  • Kathryn Barron, MD, University of California, Irvine
  • Natalie Eggleston, MD, University of Washington
  • Keri-Lee Garel, MD, Boston University
  • Angela Yao, MD, State University of New York Downstate


  • Michelle Huynh, MD, Chicago Medical School
  • Olivia Marik-Reis, MD, University of California, Irvine
  • Madeline McCosker, MD, University of California, Davis
  • Hilary Rogers, MD, Tufts University


  • Mikaela Rico, DO, Touro University
  • Ahna Thompson, MD, University of Washington
  • Elena Vinopal, MD, University of Washington
  • Helen Zukin-O'Callaghan, MD, University of Wisconsin


  • Leeann Bui, MD, University of Wisconsin
  • Leslie Chan, MD, University of California, San Francisco
  • Chiamaka Ekwunazu, MD, Howard University
  • Samia Jaffar, MD, Wayne State

OB/GYN Class of 2018-2021

three resident holding their diploma

Congratulation Class of 2022

Yen Truong MD, Class of 2012 -  Maternal Fetal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, San Leandro:

“My time at SCVMC, or as my co-residents and I lovingly called "Valley", was transformational. The attendings, nurses, and other residents have shaped me into the physician that I am today. The experiences there cannot be found in any other training program. I felt very prepared coming from Valley and going into MFM fellowship (and practice). There are lots of opportunities for leadership, exploring your interests, and for making lifelong friendships. Lastly, the patient population at Valley is wonderful and some of the most amazing people you'll meet.”

Kerry- Ann Kelly MD, Class of 2015 -  OB/GYN Generalist Highland Hospital;  Director, Women’s Reproductive Health Equity Fellowship, Alameda Health System

“I transferred into SCVMC my second year because I wanted a better education.  I soon learned that I got exactly what I asked for.  After graduating from the program, I can say that I received comprehensive, evidence-based, generalized OB/GYN training.  My colleagues have often re-affirmed my sentiments.

It is hard being in residency training, especially OB/GYN.  At SCVMC, I appreciate that I was a resident who didn't have to worry about having a different set of standards applied to me or being treated differently because of the way I look.”

Nkiru Chuba, Class of 2017, MIGS Fellowship, UC Irvine

When I look back on my residency, I have fond memories of my time at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). Don’t let the title of a “county program” fool or dissuade you from this residency program. We were often at the forefront in development and adherence to the practice of evidence-based medicine. We had the pleasure of working with and for a diverse patient population with an equally diverse range of pathology. The hours were long and we worked hard, but we took pride in knowing we were making a difference to improve health outcomes of our patients. This sentiment is shared amongst faculty, nursing and ancillary staff.  These qualities were match by our in- depth surgical training and lack of surgical fellows, which allowed for development of the competence and confidence most graduates share upon graduating.  It was this exposure that spearheaded my desires to pursue a Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery fellowship. The support I received from my fellow residents during the application and interview process, as well as the faculty support and encouragement surpassed my expectations. I am truly grateful that same support and encouragement have continued when looking for my first job and to this day. Now, residency is not all work and no play. As the culture of medicine evolves and burn-out became more common place, SCVMC maintained work-life balance as priority. We went on class trips, regularly socialized amongst the residency classes and even on occasion hung out with our attendings too (who can forget Dr. Hugin’s Christmas parties)

There was a feeling I couldn’t shake when I interviewed for residency at SCVMC. That feeling was that no matter how hard, challenging or intimidating an OB/GYN residency can be, I would be supported and that these people weren’t just my colleagues.  Rather, they were my community, my team, my mentors and lifelong friends.  Knowing what I know now and reflecting on my past experiences, if I had to do it over again, I would choose SCVMC every time!

Kayvahn Steck-Bayat MD, Class of 2017 – MIGS/ Integrative Medicine Fellowships

“As a graduate of 2017’s residency class, it is with great pleasure that I write a strong letter of support for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s OB/GYN residency program.  Some of my favorite aspects were the very supportive faculty/staff/co-residents, the high quality of hands-on teaching and personal mentorship, and the day to day patient population where I truly felt like I was making a difference in their lives.  The Attendings at Valley are not only talented and experienced, but also driven by compassion and a pure love to best serve our patients and Residents.  The environment was friendly, supportive, and encouraging.  

I was able to flourish as a resident and pursue fellowships in Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery (MIGS) and Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix.  My choice to pursue a MIGS fellowships was driven by my passion for surgery, and surely not to make up for a lack of training in residency.  In fact, I entered fellowships with great confidence surgically and clinically and I thank the SCVMC Faculty for their dedication to teaching.  I am now in community practice in Ojai, CA and have been able to confidently care for a wide range of patients from simple to complex.  I am grateful and humbled that I was able to complete residency at SCVMC.  In retrospect, it is without hesitation that I would choose to complete my Residency at Valley and do it all over again!”

Nayda Kondrahov MD, Class of 2018 – OB/GYN Generalist, Sutter East Bay

“After graduating, I accepted a generalist position at Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation and felt very well prepared to practice on my own. My residency at Valley has prepared me very well to practice both obstetrics and gynecology and overall made me a well-rounded physician. I feel confident in the operating room and on labor and delivery and work efficiently in the office. 

I think the strengths of the program include 1) experience in vaginal surgery 2) advanced laparoscopy with MIGS verified attending 3) no fellows (meaning residents are primary surgeons in most cases) 3) great training in family planning 4) complex obstetric patients and 5) Valley's unique culture. 

We have very special patients, coming from all backgrounds, and many who don't speak English and have minimal resources. It made our work a lot more gratifying to be able to help someone who needs it the most. I felt very well supported by my attendings who are very passionate about teaching and resident well-being. 

If you are considering to practice right after graduation or if you are pursuing a fellowship in urogyn, family planning, MIGS, or MFM, Valley will prepare you well.“

Kyle Graham MD, Class of 2019 – OB/GYN Generalist , Salud Para La Gente, Watsonville:

“You don't realize how well SCVMC prepares you for practicing on your own until your first call shift as an attending. You surprise yourself with how much you know, how natural you manage complicated patients, and how skilled you are in the OR. Valley gave me these skills and confidence. After graduating from Valley, I had a few extremely complicated patients while practicing as the only obstetrician in a low resource rural setting and time and time again I literally thought to myself, "Thankfully I've seen this at Valley" or "Thankfully I did this in Residency." Valley prepared me and gave me the confidence to immediately be successful as a solo practitioner. 

Particularly, with regards to the OR, in Residency you operate with your Attendings but after Residency, often there is no assistant surgeon and you are alone in the OR. Valley gave me the operative skills and confidence in the OR to perform solo surgeries. Particularly, vaginal hysterectomy is something you will get a lot of experience with at Valley.

As a county facility, Valley offers a training experience where you will see rare and complicated cases. You are supported by a wonderfully skilled team of MFM, OBs, Gyn Onc, laparoscopic specialists, and family planning experts so that you always feel safe while practicing. Valley is the type of residency you want so that you are prepared for the world of surgery and medicine after your training is finished.”

OB/GYN Residency Graduates  


  • Ariana Banuelos, MD, University of California, Irvine
    Montefiore Einstein, New York – Fellowship
  • Camille Roque, MD, University of California, Davis
    Kaiser, Pleasanton, Ca
  • Carriann Shae, MD, University of Washington
    Private Practice
  • Sophia Yang, MD, University of California, Irvine
    Private Practice


  • Paris Scott, MD, University of North Carolina
    Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
  • Melissa Myo, MD, UC Berkeley
    USC/LA County Family Planning Fellowship
  • Karolina Thomson, MD, Columbia School of Medicine
    Kaiser Santa Clara
  • Aditi Arroway, MD, University of Texas Southwestern
    Private Practice Austin, Texas



  • Rishi Bhatnagar, MD, University of California, San Diego
    Kaiser, Modesto
  • Ariana Dagdag, MD, University of California, San Diego
    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • Arianne Jong, MD, Boston University
    Skagit Valley Hospital, Mount Vernon, WA
  • Shareene Lindquist, MD, Emory University
    Private Consultant


  • Melody Besharati, MD, University of California, Irvine
    Kaiser, Fontana
  • Kyle Graham, MD, University of Southern California
    Salud Para La Gente, Watsonville
  • Stephanie Ho, MD, MPH, University of California, San Francisco
    Highland Hospital, Oakland
  • Nicolette Wolters, MD, MPH, University of Texas, San Antonio
    Private Practice, Evergreen Health Medical Center, Kirkland, WA


  • Nadya Kondrashov, MD, University of California, Davis
    Sutter East Bay Medical Group
  • Rosa Liu, MD, George Washington University
    Kaiser, Walnut Creek
  • Jacqueline Lou, MD, St. Louis University
    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • Elizabeth Moynier, MD, University of Arkansas
    Kaiser, Santa Rosa


  • Nkiruka Chuba, MD, University of California, San Francisco
    Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgery Fellowship, University of Louisville,
    UC Irvine Faculty​
  • Sahar Doctorvaladan, MD, University of California, Davis
  • Shannon Dralla, MD, University of Southern California
    Kaiser, Gilroy
  • Kayvahn Steck-Bayat, MD, Albany Medical College
    Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgery Fellowship, University of Arizona,
    Private Practice, Ojai, CA​


  • Nataliya Carlson, MD, University of California, Davis
    Kaiser, San Jose
  • Maiuyen Nguyen, MD, University of California, Davis
    Camellia Women’s Health, Sacramento, CA
  • Shawn Quinlan, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
    Kaiser, Santa Rosa
  • Stacy Yadava, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
    MFM Fellow, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    Gill Obstetrics And Gynecology Medical Group Inc, Stockton 


  • Monica Berletti, MD, University of California, Davis
    Highland Hospital, Alameda
  • Lindsey Grace, MD, Albany Medical College
    Stanford Laparoscopy Fellowship
    Kaiser, Walnut Creek
  • Kerry-Ann Kelly, MD, MPH, Morehouse School of Medicine
    Highland Hospital, Oakland
  • Andrea Quintana, MD, University of Texas Southwestern
    San Mateo Medical Center  


  • Jessica Bury, MD, MPH, Mayo Medical School 
    Practicing in Toppenish, WA
  • Kjerstin Oglebay, MD, University of Southern California
    Kaiser, Santa Clara
  • Ruxandra Radu-Radulescu, MD, SUNY Buffalo
    Contra Costa Regional Medical, Center Martinez, CA
  • Iram Siddik-Ahmad, MD, Texas Tech University
    PAMF Burlingame


  • Hanh Hoang, MD, Tufts University
    Private Practice, San Jose
  • Gregory Kanter, MD, Boston University
    Urogynecology Fellow, University of New Mexico
    SVMC Health Care For Women, Salinas
  • Lisa Packard, MD, MPH, Georgetown University
    PAMF, El Camino
  • Sultana Tabaraee, MD, George Washington University
    Kaiser, Walnut Creek


  • Khoalinh Luong, MD, University of California, San Diego
    Kaiser Irvine
  • Yen Truong, MD, MPH, Tufts University
    MFM Fellow, UC Davis
    Kaiser, San Leandro
  • Luchin Wong, MD, MPH, Albert Einstein
    MFM Fellow, University of Utah
    Swedish Maternal Fetal Specialty Center, Seattle
  • Sabrina Yan, MD, University of California, San Diego
    Kaiser Fontana​


  • Marisa Chavez, MD, Stanford University
    Kaiser, Atlanta
  • Medha Donde, MD, George Washington University
    Kaiser, Oakland
  • Phuong T Nguyen, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
    Private Practice, San Jose


  • Sara Noroozkhani, MD, New York Medical College 
    Kaiser, Fontana
  • Corey Young, MD, New York Medical College 
    Kaiser, San Francisco
  • Marjan Zarghami, MD, University of Washington
    Practicing in Seattle, WA