For Professionals


Otolaryngology Referral Guidelines 7-2017.pdfOtolaryngology Referral Guidelines



For non-urgent referrals:

  1. Fill out the electronic Referral Form or Submit EpicCare Link Access & Request Form.
​​​​Complete the documentation and submit the referral according to the instructions.

If you are referring a patient who has had X-ray studies at an outside facility, please have copies of those films printed or placed on CD and have the patient hand carry them to their appointment.

  1. Or you may call the Authorization Center for referral assistance or FAX a paper referral:

PHONE: (408) 885-3820

FAX: (408) 793-1892

If you are a provider wishing to consult with our staff, or for urgent referrals:

  1. Please call our office at (408) 885-6767 or (408) 885-7991 and identify yourself to our staff. They will be happy to connect you to a provider as quickly as possible.
  1. Or, you may contact the page operator at (408) 885-5000 and ask to speak with the ENT physician on call.