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Brain injury, whether traumatic or acquired, can take many forms and affect human function in many ways, including memory, physical abilities, cognitive (thinking) abilities, behavior, decision making and more. Within this wide continuum of symptoms and severity, the Rehabilitation Center offers an in-depth and comprehensive program designed to help individuals with brain injury return to the highest level of function and independence possible.  

Since the Rehabilitation Center began treating individuals with brain injuries more than forty years ago, thousands of adults, adolescents and children, along with their families, have trusted us with their care. Each year approximately 150 people receive inpatient rehab in a specialized, unit dedicated to brain injury care. Because we work with so many patients, we are experienced across all aspects of rehabilitation. This directly helps create better patient outcomes, including much higher than average discharge-to-home rates, and functional gains immediately after leaving the Rehabilitation Center and over time.

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The Rehabilitation Center helped pioneer the multidisciplinary team approach to brain injury care and continues to develop innovations and make contributions to the understanding and treatment of brain injury. The team-oriented approach to care is led and coordinated by the largest number of board-certified physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation) on the West Coast, along with other physician specialists including neurologists, nurses, therapists, social workers, case managers, psychologists and other health professionals with specialized training in brain injury rehabilitation.  

In all cases, throughout the inpatient experience and beyond, the most important members of this team are the individuals with brain injury and their families who are encouraged and supported to take part in every aspect of care.

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Every brain injury, like the person who sustains it, is unique. That's why we never forget that while there are many different forms of brain injury, there is only one of you. It's also why we direct the full resources of our capabilities, our four decades of experience and our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team toward a completely individualized rehabilitation program for each patient. We also make sure that the rehab and recovery program is flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions during the process. As a result of this highly personalized approach we don't just treat brain injury; we treat the brain injury that affects you and your family.


Our long experience in the area of brain injury rehabilitation has clearly shown how important family and friends can be to the rehabilitation process. Since the time we treated our first patients more than 40 years ago, we have worked hard to provide a very welcoming setting for our patient's "support systems." We closely involve friends and family in support groups, recreational activities and outings, as well as in the rehab process itself, including early goal-setting and frequent team meetings. Because our physician specialists are in-house, not just "on call," they are closely connected to the inpatient program and available and responsive to patients and families. This distinctive level of access on the part of exceptionally talented and dedicated physicians is one of the hallmarks of the rehabilitation experience at SCVMC.

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This highly individualized program is designed to help patients with severe brain injuries reach their fullest potential for independence. Led by our inpatient physiatrists with the full support of the multidisciplinary care team, Journey to Recovery features a careful evaluation to determine what specific therapies will be the most effective based on each patient's particular needs. Journey to Recovery also focuses on a safe and caring environment with minimal use of restraints, tubes and sedating medications. 


A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) may result in mild, moderate, or severe changes in one or more areas, including thinking, speech, physical functions, and social behavior. The consequences of TBI can be lifelong for some people, while others may be able to recover and resume activities they enjoyed before the injury occurred. The TBI Support Group is open to all persons and their families experiencing recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury.  Support group offers, support, resources, Traumatic Brain Injury information and an opportunity for individuals & caregivers to connect and learn from one another.​


Critical Services for Patients, a Valuable Resource for Referring Physicians:

The Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit is a unique component of our overall rehabilitation program. The availability of this intensive care setting within the Rehabilitation Center allows for earliest possible admission and treatment following a brain injury, providing rehabilitation-focused care for medically complex patients including those who have just had or are about to have surgery. 

The use of medical intensivists in the RRU, physicians who specialize in the care of critically ill or injured patients, is an approach that SCVMC helped pioneer and is a valuable complement to the work of the spine surgeon and neurosurgeon in the operating room. Although the RRU primarily treats individuals with spinal cord injury, patients with traumatic brain injury accompanied by respiratory concerns are also cared for in this distinctive medical setting.

The Trauma Center is also equipped with a helipad, and accepts patients from across Silicon Valley. Having the highest level of emergency response on the same campus as the Rehabilitation Center means that patients don’t have to be transferred to other facilities if the need for a higher level of care arises.

Ventilator Dependent Program - A note to physicians:

The Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit provides around-the-clock respiratory management for ventilator dependent patients. Our specialization in invasive and non-invasive respiratory technology has resulted in an outstanding record of successful vent weaning and home discharge. In addition, our rate of pulmonary emboli occurrence is exceptionally low and therapeutic bronchoscopies average less than one per 100 patients.

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We provide individualized educational and training program to meet the needs of each individual.  A variety of resources are provided to assist in your transition home.  Individual and family peer and support groups are available as part of the inpatient program and after you leave.  ​​


4ARU Five Star Award
Top 10% Nationally in Quality of Care​

Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) gathers patient satisfaction and follow up data after discharge. Please help us learn how we are performing by responding to the phone survey by PRC.​

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  • Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for Inpatient Rehabilitation Brain Injury Specialty Program Children and Adolescents, Adults. 
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