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In addition to comprehensive services for brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurologic disorders, orthopedic conditions, and general rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Center offers specialized programs to meet the distinct needs of women, adolescents, and individuals with a dual-diagnosis of spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

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Brain Injury

Brain injury, whether traumatic or acquired, can take many forms and affect human function in many ways, including memory, physical abilities, cognitive (thinking) abilities, behavior, decision making and more. Within this wide continuum of symptoms and severity, the Rehabilitation Center offers an in-depth and comprehensive program designed to help individuals with brain injury return to the highest level of function and independence possible.​

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Spinal Cord Injury

Following a spinal cord injury, the ability to return home and to the community with the highest degree of lifelong independence possible -with a minimized risk for secondary complications - is closely related to initial inpatient rehabilitation. That's why we make sure the rehab experience is as effective and valuable as it can be through a combination of compassionate staff, experience, expertise and scope of services that are unmatched on the West Coast and the surrounding region.​

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Stroke is a complex and serious medical condition that can impair speech, motion, the thinking process, memory and the ability to carry out a wide range of functions that were once taken for granted as part of everyday life. For these reasons, the aftermath of stroke can be a time of anxiety, uncertainty and even despair for the stroke survivor as well as family members and care-givers. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a Joint Commission-designated Primary Stroke Center (PSC), meaning that emergency personnel will bring a stroke patient here for the most optimum treatment and rehabilitation, rather than a non-PSC medical facility.

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General Rehabilitation

The SCVMC General Rehabilitation Program provides a broad range of therapeutic services to meet the individualized strengths, cultural needs, age requirements, abilities and preferences for each person served. Typical diagnosis treated in the program include major multiple trauma, orthopedic disorders, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, neuromuscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, polyneuropathy, limb amputations, arthritis, debility, medically complex, and burn injuries.​

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Pediatric rehabilitation services

The comprehensive resources of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Program are directed toward the goal of achieving the highest levels of physical, cognitive and social function possible. The program is founded on the idea that children are not little adults. They generally have less predictable patterns of recovery and a far greater need for flexibility in their care.

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​This unit is a vital component of our highly specialized, acute-care rehabilitation program. The RRU, as an intensive care unit, allows us to admit and begin rehabilitation-focused care at the earliest possible moment, even for medically complex and vent-dependent patients with a brain or spinal cord injury. We pioneered the use of medical intensivists in the RRU, working with spine surgeons and neurosurgeons in the operating room.  

Our Vent Dependent Program provides around-the-clock respiratory management for vent-dependent patients. We enjoy a remarkable record of successful vent weaning, and our rates of pulmonary emboli occurrence and therapeutic bronchoscopies are extremely low.

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