Our Services

We are proud to offer the following medical, dental, and psychiatric services to SPARK Clinic patients.

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Well child visits

We perform newborn, infant, child, and adolescent wellness exams, give immunizations, order and interpret lab tests. For children and youth who have recently been placed in foster care, we provide Medical Clearance Exams—typically within a few days of placement—and 30 Day Clearance Examinations, as mandated by the State of California.

Sports physicals

We complete paperwork for sports team participation and evaluate routine sports injuries.


We provide immunizations and documentation, according to American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.


We test for sexually transmitted infections, prescribe and provide contraception, and make referrals for long-term contraception

Sick Visits

We offer same day appointments for fevers, flu, rashes, infections, and other timely medical needs.


When appropriate, we will provide referrals to pediatric subspecialists at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Stanford Hospital, including: audiology (hearing), cardiology (heart), dermatology (skin), developmental pediatrics, ENT (ear nose and throat), gastroenterology (digestion), general surgery, infectious disease, neurology, ophthalmology (eye), and more. 

Evaluations for Child Physical Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

We provide expert and thorough medical evaluations for children and youth who may have been physically or sexually abused, or who may have suffered medical neglect. These evaluations are by special appointment. 

Please see CENTER FOR CHILD PROTECTION for more information about the program and contact information.


We prefer prevention over treatment, and encourage you to partner with us in teaching kids and youth to take excellent care of their teeth. We provide routine dental exams, teeth cleaning, and fillings, following the State of California guidelines for children and youth in foster care.

We also perform dental extractions and root canal therapy, as appropriate. For complex cases, we will provide referrals to dental specialists in the community, as appropriate.

We provide dental care to children and youth of all ages. It’s never too early to protect a child’s teeth and oral health.


We evaluate and provide treatment for anxiety, depression, ADHD, school problems, sleep disorders, trauma-related disorders and other behavioral health evaluations. 

We can initiate and update the necessary paperwork to obtain court approval for psychiatric medications (Form JV 220), for children and youth in foster care.

If you are a medical professional who provides care to children and youth in foster care—or who have experienced other forms of childhood trauma—we are available to consult regarding your patient’s psychiatric care. 

We can provide bridge (interim) psychiatric services for children and youth while they are waiting to establish more permanent psychiatric care.​​​