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Visiting Hours & Parking

If you would like to find a patient in the hospital, please call the Hospital Operator at (408) 885-5000. Listen for the direction to ask for the Operator (or push "O") and they will be able to connect you to the patient's room or give you the room number.​

Visitor Policy

It is the policy of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) to ensure the safety and security of patients, visitors and staff on the SCVMC Campus and to periodically re-evaluate security processes based on community and national issues, and incidents occurring on the campus. Access to SCVMC Campus is restricted at all times to individuals who are obtaining or seeking health care, accompanying or visiting patients or staff. SCVMC Campus means all buildings and structures on the SCVMC campus including, but not limited to, the inpatient units, Valley Specialty Center, Resources Services Center Building, Administrative Office Building, Acute Psychiatric Services, Central Mental Health, Pharmacy Administration, trailers, parking garages, and the outdoor areas surrounding the buildings and structures dedicated to SCVMC including sidewalks, open spaces and through streets connecting the campus buildings.

SCVMC recognizes the importance of contact with family members and friends for the mental and physical wellbeing of patients. SCVMC does not restrict visitors based on race, color, gender, national origin, disability, age, religion, marital status, citizenship, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected classification.
Under the law, every patient has the right, subject to his or her consent, to receive the visitors whom he or she designates including, but not limited to, a spouse, domestic partner (including a same sex domestic partner), another family member, or a friend, and his or her right to deny such consent at any time. For the purpose of visitation, family includes any person who plays a significant role in an individual's life, regardless of gender, and even if not legally related to the individual. All visitors enjoy full and equal visitation privileges consistent with patient preferences. Patients or their surrogates must be informed of these rights.

Visiting Hours​

  • General visiting hours are from 9:00am to 8:00pm daily subject to the Visiting Guidelines noted below. Operators will announce the end of general visiting hours each day.

  • Patients may designate one or two individuals at a time to remain in the room with the patient outside of general visiting hours subject to the Visiting Guidelines noted below. Additional visitors may be granted for critically ill, comfort care patients and labor and delivery with the approval of the unit manager or designee and subject to the Visiting Guidelines noted below.

  • All visitors who remain on SCVMC Campus after general visiting hours must have appropriate visitor identification issued by the Protective Services Department.

  • Patients and their surrogates are informed of this policy at the time of admission.

  • Patients who are cognitively impaired or lack capacity and have no surrogate must have their visiting wishes considered.

  • Patients may withdraw their consent to visitor(s) at any time.​​ 

General Visiting Guidelines

In order to ensure that all patients enjoy visitors in a safe and secure environment, the following guidelines must be enforced. Visitation may be limited for failure to comply with the guidelines noted below, and for any other reason that may present a safety or security risk to patients or others. Staff should notify their manager or supervisor for assistance in enforcing these guidelines. The Protective Services Department may also be called at any time to assist.
  • Visiting may be restricted due to patient's need for privacy or rest.

  • Visitors are not allowed to take pictures, video, or audiotape in patient care areas, in compliance with SCVMC policy. 

  • Visiting may be restricted due to need for privacy or rest by another individual in the patient's shared room.

  • Visiting may be restricted if there is a health, safety or infection risk to patient, visitor or others.

  • Visiting may be restricted as needed because of a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak.

  • Staff may impose reasonable limitations on the number of visitors at any one time consistent with the guidelines of this policy, space limitations, safety and security, and needs of the patient.

  • Visitors with cough, cold or respiratory symptoms will be instructed to wear a mask. Visitors who refuse to wear a mask or who have a rash or cold/respiratory symptoms may be restricted from visiting the patient.

  • Visitors are expected to comply with instructions given by the staff about Personal Protective Equipment needed when entering/in the patient room.

  • Visitors may not engage in behavior presenting a risk or threat to the patient, hospital staff, or others in the immediate environment.

  • Visitors may not engage in behavior that disrupts the functioning of the patient care unit or treatment area.

  • Visitors must comply with visitor security procedures established by SCVMC Administration and the Protective Services Department.

  • Visitors may not engage in behavior that creates a messy or unclean environment.

  • Large family gatherings may be restricted for safety and security reasons.

  • Visiting may be restricted if there are any substance abuse treatment protocols or other treatment protocols requiring restricted visitation.

  • Visitors may not congregate in corridors or other non-established waiting areas. Visitors in waiting areas in excess of that allowed by Fire Marshall must remain on the first floor of the hospital.

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on SCVMC Campus.

  • Visitors for patients in custody must have permission from the Sheriff, Department of Correction, or Probation Department.

  • Visitors must not sit or recline on patient beds.

  • SCVMC staff may inquire about visitors' recent exposures and travel, as indicated by Infection Prevention staff. Visitors who may pose a health or safety risk to patient may not be allowed to visit.

  • Visiting may be limited if there are applicable court orders limiting or restraining contact with patient or others.

  • Staff may limit items that are brought into patient's room for clinical or security reasons.​

Children as Visitors

  • Children under 14 years of age may visit with the permission of the attending physician or charge nurse. Children under 14 years of age must be screened by a physician or nurse for prodromal signs of respiratory illness or rash prior to visiting any patient. Children of any age may visit in the Women and Children's units, after appropriate screening.

  • Children under 14 years of age may not visit a patient with neutropenia or who is otherwise immuno-compromised.

  • All children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult, other than the patient, at all times. Unsupervised or disruptive children and the responsible adult may be asked to leave.

  • Infants and toddlers must be held in arms by responsible adults, or kept in car seats or strollers at all times.

  • No child may sit or play on the floor or in the patient's bed.​ 


Security Procedures for Visitors

  • To maintain adequate security oversight, all visitors to the inpatient units shall be issued appropriate visitor identification as determined by SCVMC Administration and the Protective Services Department. The identification must be worn and visible for the duration of time noted on the identification and, upon expiration, must be deposited in designated receptacles or returned to personnel issuing the identification. Visitors who do not have appropriate identification will not be allowed on the inpatient units.

  • Visitors to other areas, buildings and structures of the SCVMC Campus are not required to be issued identification, but access to these areas is restricted at all times to individuals who are obtaining or seeking health care, accompanying or visiting patients or staff, or conducting Lawful Business with, or on behalf of, the County.

  • All vendors and supplier representatives must comply with SCVMC vendor policies and must have valid identification consistent with those policies.

Visitor Parking

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center: Hospital and Clinics offer free parking on all campuses, 24 hours per day. Please refer to the Campus Directory for designated visitor and patient parking on our main campus (751 S. Bascom Ave. San Jose, CA  95128).
visitor parking map

Valet Parking

As a courtesy, the main campus at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center offers patients and visitors complimentary valet parking from 6:00am to 6:00pm (Monday - Friday) at the front of the Women and Children's Center Entrance. Please follow the signs on Renova Drive.