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AHED Newsletter Fall 2022

AHED Newsletter Fall 2022

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“In this workshop, I feel accomplished by bringing my mother to participate and gain more knowledge on health which is something my family and I struggle with due to illness and eating habits. I’ve noticed a shift in food being purchased at our home to healthier food (less canned food and less processed food). It was good to be able to hear other experiences and learn the tools to manage stress and thinking more positively. Also, I’ve learned the importance of health, medicine, exercising, and mental health, which all go in hand. The instructors were very kind and supportive with the entire class and for that I am grateful.”  – Alexandra (Healthier Living Program Participant) 

“The class provided me some self-reflection questions that ignited my determination to quit smoking for good this time. I’m grateful for the counseling and support from the Tobacco-Free Program team and the nicotine medications provided in class to help me quit smoking. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip or relapse and never give up on yourself.”  – Judith (Tobacco-Free Program Participant)

“I am a much happier person, I smile and joke the way I used to. I have lost a lot of weight because I have learned to eat smaller portions and choose healthier snacks. I like that I can be without my walker many times during the day. I love the community of supportive people I have gained through this program. Since I’ve taken the Healthier Living workshop, I feel more alive, more like myself and that motivates to take better care of my health.” – Rodolfo (Healthier Living Program Participant)

“Denise adapts each and every pose and movement to the individual, depending on each person’s capability. Everyone feels comfortable during and especially at the end of class.” – Ann (Gentle Yoga Program Participant)