COVID-19 Oral Antiviral

hOW TO Reserve Medications


Supply of COVID-19 antivirals is extremely limited and is only available by reservation. These medications should only be prescribed to patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection, AND within 5 days of symptom onset.

  1. Confirm that the patient:
  1. To reserve inventory for your patient:
  • Go to the Pharmacy Location & Inventory page to check for medication availability
  • Call the specific pharmacy that shows available inventory and provide a verbal prescription
    • Prescriptions sent electronically, via fax, or physically with the patient will not be accepted.
  • The pharmacist will provide you a unique reservation code specific to your patient
  1. Provide the following information to the patient:
  • Pharmacy location name and address
  • Unique reservation code required to pick up the medication
    • The pharmacy will not dispense the medication to your patient without this unique reservation code
    • The reservation code is non-transferrable and only valid at the pharmacy that provided the code.
  • Pick-up the medication within 24 hours (one calendar day)


  1. Contact your healthcare provider to see if this medication is right for you
  1. Prescriptions can only be ordered by your doctor and available at specific pharmacies
  2. You must have a unique reservation code from your doctor to pick up the medication
  3. Pick up your medication within 24 hours (one calendar day) from the same pharmacy that your doctor called to provide the prescription