Patient and Family Advisory Program (PFAP)


​Recruitment is done through the partnership and collaboration of the Patient and Family Advisory Program staff, clinic and hospital staff through referral. 

The Advisory Teams are led by a Program Lead and Team Champion; one facility employee representative, and one patient or family representative.  These individuals help facilitate the team.  Members are acquired through recruitment and referrals from both the hospital and clinics. Each team consists of at least five but not more than 10 patient and family members.


  • Agree to attend scheduled meetings.
  • Agreed to commit at least six months.
  • Agreed to continuously participate in an advisory role and other improvement process.
  • Patient or family member of a patient of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Health and Hospital System.

Interested individuals can fill out a membership application form and can mail, scan email or fax to the Customer Service Department of the Patient and Family Advisory Program for review and screening. A designated phone line and email address are established for patient and family inquiries about the program and other feedback they may have about their care and experience.​

Download Application Form​​​​​​