Patient & Family Advisory Program (PFAP)

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About Us

The Patient and Family Advisory Program (PFAP) consists of several teams of patients that provide input and recommendations regarding practices that affect patient- and family-centered care. This includes improving quality, continuity of care, patient experience and overall satisfaction of health delivery process. 

Members of the team assist in planning new services, implementing education activities, identifying opportunities for participation in various improvement efforts, and determining other best practices across all disciplines through feedback. 

Mission, Vision and Goals

The vision of the PFAP is to give patients a clear and central voice. With patients and families being proactive and assertive in driving sustainable changes, the organization will be more successful in improving the overall patient experience across all continuum of care. 

The mission is to cultivate a patient- and family-centered culture by engaging and involving patients and families in decision-making processes, procedures and protocols that improve their overall care delivery. 

The PFAP aims to form unified teams and create environments where patients and families and care providers and hospital staff are partners working together to encourage and promote patient- and family-centered care and improve quality of care and patient experience. 

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