Patient and Family Advisory Program (PFAP)

Patient Stories

Patients and families share sincere and personal thoughts that reflect their true feeling towards the purpose of the program, the benefits and the long-term effect. 

Group of people in seminar

from our patients

“I have been waiting for something like this to happen and now we have it. I am glad that I am part of it” 

“I wanted to join and be a part of this team to make a difference. Even if I had a bad experience, that is done. It is more likely how we can fix and make an improvement so others won’t have to go through what I have been” 

“VMC save my wife’s life, everyone is great and they took care of us very well. I want to give back and by joining the program I hope to share the experience me and my wife had to inspire and encourage others.” 

“I was a part of a previous advisory board and I see the difference the group made and contributions done to improve the organization. My mother have been getting her medical care here for 25 years and I have seen the transition the organization went through. I want to be part of the success.” 

“Atlas! There is a group that I can be involved with in recommending and sharing improvements and changes to leadership and fellow patients rather than writing it in a piece of paper or verbally sharing it.” 

“I just want to help the best way possible and as much as I can, so I am committing myself to attending the monthly meeting and participating in any initiatives the group has.” 

“Nothing is perfect but this is a great start having patients engage and linked to the organization can definitely bring a difference.” 

So many patients are happy with the services they receive within the organization. They stated that this is one of the best group they ever participated in and the best thing that Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Hospital System has ever done. On average, most patients participating on teams have received services from SCVHHS for at least 20 years.