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Find a Doctor

Use Find a Doctor to learn more about our primary care and specialty physicians.

If you are interested in choosing one of our physicians as your primary care physician, please contact your health plan. If you are interested in seeing one of our specialists, please talk to your health plan or healthcare insurance provider about how to get a referral.

A Primary Care Physician (PCP) is your personal doctor who helps take care of your regular health care needs. Your PCP can help you get the medical services you need and will play a key role in coordinating your regular health care services, including referrals to specialists. Referrals from a PCP are usually needed for most specialty medical services. Use this chart to help select the PCP who is best for you and your family.

​Type of Doctor ​Who They Can See
​Adult Medicine ​Adults--age 18 & older
​​Family / General Practice ​Children & Adults--all ages
​​Geriatrics ​​Adults--age 65 & older
​​Pediatrics ​Newborn to age 17

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