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Ways to Help

Thank you for your support of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center! Gifts to the hospital provide a direct benefit for our patients, who come to here for the expertise of world class physicians and the quality of care provided by our medical professionals.

As this community’s only public hospital, SCVMC has many areas that can benefit from your support. Regardless of how you decide to give, your gift will truly make a difference. Thank you.


A donation to the hospital can help support the care of premature babies and patients with burn, spinal cord or brain injuries, and so many others. It can also be used to purchase of state-of-the-equipment and make renovations to some of our older units, and so much more.

The Valley Medical Center Foundation is dedicated to raising funds, resources and public awareness for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System. For more information, visit the VMC Foundation.

The VMC Foundation- Helping Silicon Valley Care


Among the individuals helping to make SCVMC a caring and effective organization are the many volunteers who assist hospital staff and support patients. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact:


Say "Thanks"

A genuine and sincere thank you is always appreciated. If an employee’s actions, dedication, compassion, or caring had an impact on you, it would be wonderful if you could take a moment to say "thanks".

Fill out our WOW card and email it to Employee Recognition at

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