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About Your Medicines

When your doctor prescribes your medicine you can fill your prescription at a number of locations. For refills, use the simple and convenient Automated Prescription Refill System. The 24-hour Refill Reorder phone number is printed on your prescription label.  When you call the number on your medicine label for a refill, pick the “Mail” option. Check that your mailing address and phone number are correct.
Guide to Refilling Your Medicines
1.   Dial the 24 hour Refill Reorder telephone line (printed on your prescription label)
2.   Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Vietnamese
3.   Press 1 to refill your prescription
4.   Enter your 8 digit Medical Record Number and press #
5.   Enter your Prescription Number without the letter, then press # (there may be a pause, please stay on the line)
6.   Press 1 to have your prescription mailed to you or press 2 to pick up your prescription
7.   Wait to hear information about your refill request including pick up locations, date and time
8.   Press 1 to pick up your prescription at current pharmacy location or press 2 to pick up at a difference location.
Allow two business days for the pharmacy to fill your prescription. Mail order prescription should arrive within 5-7 business days.
Your Prescription Pick Up
For another person to be able to pick up your prescription, you must have the following:
1.    The person picking up your prescription mush have two (2) forms of identification
2.    You must give that person a letter or note that authorized them, by name, to pick up your prescription on your behalf.

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