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SCVMC Internal Medicine Residency Program

medicine residency

The Department of Medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has been training physicians in internal medicine for more than fifty years. During this time it has established a reputation as a superior clinical training program which prepares physicians for careers in general internal medicine (primary care and hospitalist), subspecialty medicine, research, and academic medicine. Our Vision Statement encompasses our values of education, service and support:

"We are dedicated to empowering residents and faculty through education, mentorship and the promotion of innovative leadership"

Sense of Community and Mission

Amit Chadha"It's the patients! At no other program would I ever have treated cutaneous histoplasmosis, typhoid osteomyelitis, disseminated coccidiodomycosis, and miliary TB all in the same month. My patients speak Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, Punjabi, Farsi, Vietnamese, and Tongan. It's an amazing slice of humanity we have the privilege of servicing here at VMC. With patients like these and attendings whose first priority is to see me grow as a doctor, it would be impossible for me not to become a good doctor."

- Amit Chadha, Resident

Gladys Balderama"What attracted me most to Valley was the people - everyone from the residents to attendings to the support staff. Everyone was so nice and genuine. It was the kind of place where I could see myself working."

- Gladys Balderama, Resident

Matt Chin"Santa Clara Valley is a safety net hospital - the patients who come here are the most vulnerable and marginalized population in the county, and I am proud to serve them day in and day out."

- Matt Chin, Resident

As the public hospital for one of the most diverse counties in the United States, SCVMC serves a patient population of incredible variety in culture, language, economic background, and medical problems. SCVMC residents constantly experience the deep satisfaction involved in caring for patients who are truly in need and extremely grateful for medical care.

Tradition of Robust Clinical Training

Tal Gazitt"I came to the valley because of the diversity and complexity of the patient population and I am still amazed to have the opportunity to see so many cases firsthand that I have only read about in case reports before I came here."

- Tal Gazitt, Resident

Andrea Lee"The learning experience is great with a diverse patient population, who are very grateful for the care they receive here. We have autonomy in patient care and see a variety of interesting and complicated medical conditions. I am confident I will finish residency as a well-trained physician."

- Andrea Lee, Resident

We are proud that our graduating residents are known for possessing extremely strong clinical skills due to the diversity of patients in a vibrant county hospital system and supported by the innovative teaching of our dedicated faculty.

Besides giving our residents an opportunity to learn about and care for all common internal medicine problems, most esoteric medical problems, and medical problems faced by the underserved or never served populations, the patients teach the residents much about the diversity of human experience.

Academic Excellence

Lisa Riley"Valley combines great academics with a broad clinical experience."

- Lisa Riley, Resident

While the teaching at SCVMC is largely case-based, the residency program also employs a formal, written curriculum to ensure that residents receive an educational experience that is both broad and in-depth. Click here to view the Professor EBM website, developed by our faculty.

“Our interns have the opportunity at the end of their first year to choose an Individualized Learning Pathway (Ambulatory Medicine, Hospital-Based Medicine, Social Medicine, Research Medicine, and Traditional Categorical Medicine pathway) to help further their interest in a particular area. Please click here for more information on the "Pathways" curriculum. Click here for a list of the various projects residents have pursued as a result of their ILP experience.”

We also have a large number of our residents presenting case reports and research at the regional ACP chapter every year.  Our housestaff have achieved finalist status in the clinical vignette, research, and jeopardy competitions in past years.​

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